About me

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my Sheffield food blog.

The city’s vibrant food scene plays a big part in “reasons I love Sheffield”. I work full time in a busy day job and tend to eat 2/3 of my daily meals at my desk.

Outside of work, I often find myself passing time by planning my next meal/eating out/reading cookbooks/looking at restaurant menus online. I enjoy sharing food with friends and family; catching up with the people I love over a great meal is just one of my favourite-ever things to do.

I can be contacted via email on girleatssheffield@gmail.com, via Instagram at @girleatssheffield or via Twitter at @girleatssheff.

Hit me up with any recommendations – I love to hear from other Sheffielders who are passionate about food.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi there! Just discovered your Blog somewhat randomly via a mention on Twitter (can’t remember where/who, sorry!) – I’ll keep an eye on your postings/articles, thanks -John.

  2. Hi – I’m loving reading your blog!!I searched for Sheffield food bloggers and there dosen’t seem to be many! I used to live in Sheffield (many yrs ago) and was planning a trip back. At the moment I’m researching into where to dine in sunny Sheffield. Keep up the good work! The Chef’s Wife 🙂

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