Pump + Grind (Chesterfield)

I’m still feeling full from the awesome hip-hop brunch at Pump + Grind earlier today. As you might expect, it featured a DJ blasting out some hip-hop classics, delicious and wittily-titled brunch food (Cardi Beans anyone?) and a cool AF setting. You could also have bottomless gin ‘n’ juice for £15 for 2 hours, which I will definitely be into once this baby’s out of me.

pump + grind chesterfield
Pump + Grind is right in Chesterfield town centre

Pump + Grind hold a hip-hop brunch the last Sunday of every month and it’s well worth a visit. Definitely one of my favourite places in Chesterfield so far!

My wife’s Fries Fries Baby were absolutely epic: pulled pork, French fries, sweet potato fries, tortilla chips, guacamole, pico de gallo, jalapeños, hot sauce and sour cream.

loaded fries at Pump + Grind
My wife’s choice: Fries Fries Baby. EPIC.

I helped myself to a load and she still couldn’t finish them.

I loved my Boy Better Po’, which was a big and tasty prawn po’boy sandwich:

prawn po' boy sandwich at Pump + Grind Chesterfield
Boy Better Po’; look at all those prawns!

I especially enjoyed the frickles (fried gherkins) that came with it.

frickle fried pickle at Pump + Grind Chesterfield
Breaking news: pregnant woman enjoys fried battered gherkin.

It was lovely being able to bring our dog Otis along, too, who was very grateful for the jar of dog biscuits that was brought over for him and a big bowl of water, which we let him believe was gin ‘n’ juice.

jar of dog biscuits
I love a place that is this dog friendly.

It’s always great to find dog-friendly places and I’m looking forward to some regular jaunts to Pump + Grind with Otis and the baby during my mat leave, as we live so near to Ches Vegas these days.

cavapoo wearing a bow tie
Why, yes, that *is* a pizza bow tie my dog is wearing.

(Thanks to Brad and the P+G team for having us along as guests. While it was given in exchange for coverage here, all the views expressed here are my own and I’ve had full editorial control).

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