Getting ready to venture out with a four-week-old baby takes as long as you’d think, plus at least an hour extra! Still, we made it out and it was glorious. We had some errands to run and specific cravings to see to, so we headed into the city centre.

This also meant I could take up the kind invitation from Joe and his team at Lisboa to come check out their lovely café in the Peace Gardens and try their amazing handmade Portuguese pastries, including the iconic pastéis de nata (custard tarts).

Portuguese custard tarts (pasteis de nata) at Lisboa Sheffield
Portuguese custard tarts at Lisboa

We shared one of those little beauties, as well as a mil folhas (millefeuille), but there was a huge range to choose from and so many delicious cakes and pastries involving custard.

Perfectly-formed Portuguese custard tart

Both the tart and the millefeuille were delicious and a lot of effort has clearly gone into making the delicious and flaky pastry and the gooey, sweet custard fillings.

Portuguese millefeuille milfohas at Lisboa Sheffield
A very substantial and delicious millefeuille (milfolhas) at Lisboa

You can sit and watch the pastries being made in front of you in the café. I’ll need to go back to try a few more things soon!

Just some of the delicacies on offer at Lisboa – very hard to choose!

We really enjoyed our hot drinks too; the Portuguese hot chocolate was a rich and indulgent hug in a mug.

portuguese custard tart and millefeuille at Lisboa, Sheffield
Our little feast at Lisboa

With a restless baby ready for a mooch, we reluctantly moved on from our little Portuguese haven in the city centre to complete the rest of our errands before heading home. But I’m so glad we were able to pause at Lisboa for these lovely treats; it made my day!

Lisboa in Sheffield

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