The Suited Baker vegan & gluten-free donuts

(Ad ~ gift) We had SO much fun filling, decorating and eating these beautiful donuts! Ahead of the launch of nationwide delivery this Friday, The Suited Baker gave us a sneak peek at their new DIY donut box, one of the delicious things you’ll be able to order to your door all over the UK!

If you don’t already know, The Suited Baker is a 100% gluten-free and vegan artisan bakery, based in Sheffield. As well as these awesome donut kits, they will be posting arancini, macarons and cannoli kits nationwide. If you’re in or around Sheffield, their menu for local delivery is a bit bigger and includes cakes, pasta, pizza bases, bread and rolls. I’ve sampled some of their bread previously and it’s fab.

So, the donuts. Well, they are just brilliant and a nice way to get creative! After a quick reheating in the oven, it was time to fill and decorate them. The flavours in our kit were pistachio and cookies & crème. As well as the donuts, the kit contained two piping bags filled with silky smooth crème pâtissière and two little pots of toppings (cookie crumbs and crushed pistachios).

The donuts were light and fluffy and the flavours of the crème pâts were fantastic. As well as these two flavours, you’ll also be able to order raspberry & vanilla, dark chocolate & praline, and mocha donut kits.

Oh, and major bonus: even with generously filling and topping our donuts, there was leftover crème pât and toppings. So it meant we just *had* to make pancakes for brunch and use them up 🤷‍♀️ any excuse…

Thanks Sarah and Ermes for inviting us to check out this great new product of yours, I’m always inspired by your passion for what you do!

Everyone: set your alarm for this Friday at midday as that’s when these go on sale and I’m sure they will be very popular indeed.

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