Blue Caribou poutine at home kit

Tonight’s dinner has been on my mind all week. Ever since I secured my poutine kit order with Blue Caribou, I have been so excited for this poutine and hot dogs night!

As a native Montréaler, poutine is pretty much in my blood. I’ve not had any for ages and, as we’re not dining out until I’ve visited a poorly relative this week, ordering a kit to make our own from the awesome Manchester-based Blue Caribou was a brilliant idea. It arrived via overnight courier with a chillpack in the box and really clear instructions. So great to eat the real thing at home, especially since curd cheese is so hard to come by in the UK.

We teamed our poutine with some delicious hot dogs, made using The Jolly Hog sausages and topped with caramelised onions and plenty of French’s American mustard and ketchup. I shall be full well into tomorrow but this feast was SO worth it!

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