The Middle Feast picnic kit

(ad – gift)
Well, that weekend was a bit lovely, wasn’t it?
One of my favourite things to do on a sunny summer day is to have a lovely family walk with a picnic lunch stop-off. So I was thrilled when The Middle Feast dropped me a line to see if I’d like to check out their new picnic kit, launching this week.

You might already know The Middle Feast from their awesome BBQ chicken shish and other kebabs at Peddler Market. Their food is right up my street: my Middle Eastern heritage means I’m hard wired to lust after sumac, tahini and all things Levantine.

So, this very special picnic kit basically had me in seventh heaven. We had: chicken lollipops with sticky harissa sauce, super herby falafel, marinated feta, fresh herb salad and pomegranate dressing, muhammara, confit garlic hummus with dukkah and sumac, baba ganoush with pomegranate, green tahini sauce, flatbreads and pickles. Everything was clearly labelled and The Middle Feast use compostable packaging where possible and recyclable packaging otherwise.

Not only did everything look beautiful, it was a complete flavour party, too. I did that thing where every dish I took a bite of, I was like “mmmm, maybe this one’s my favourite”… there’s not a dud here. I have already vowed to bulk buy that sticky harissa sauce if it’s ever sold as a standalone item.

We were thrilled to still have picnic leftovers when dinner time rolled round and spread this feast out over two meals (it’s a picnic for 2-3 people, so that makes sense). Even just writing this post has made my mouth water all over again.

As well as this delicious picnic, there’s also a veggie version available, as well as BBQ kits and kebab kits. Numbers are limited this week and you need to order by 11am Wednesday for delivery on Thursday to all Sheffield postcodes.

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