Elk Bakes


Phew. Survived the first day back, despite a splitting headache all day and a terrible night’s sleep last night (all me, rather than the baby). I felt like I’d never used a computer before, and I missed seeing people. But, I finally got to fulfil my dream of taking my dog to work and I didn’t have to listen to anyone else’s feelings about the temperature in the office, so swings and roundabouts!

The perfect pick-me-up after a long day is one of these gorgeous vegan bakes by Elk Bakes. I was gifted their August treat box to check out and, I can tell you, it sure is a treat!

Elk Bakes Sheffield vegan bakes

Containing 2 each of PBJ (peanut butter & raspberry jam) blondies, Party Rings blondies, Biscoff brownies and salted caramel pretzel brownies, the beautifully-packaged box smelled absolutely delightful when it arrived in the post.

The cakes were carefully packed to arrive looking their best. They’d not travelled far, as Elk Bakes is a new, Sheffield-based business, but they can be delivered nationwide and would survive the journey just fine.

It didn’t take us long to sample them and oh my goodness, they are SO good! I’m torn between the ooey gooey PBJ blondie or the salted caramel pretzel brownie as my favourite, but all four flavours are really delicious and they’re a great size (and I had no idea Party Rings were vegan!).

You can order the August box for yourself to try out at £10 for a box of 4, or £18.50 for 8; custom orders are also possible. Check out @elkbakesuk Instagram page for more info.

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