Terrace Goods

It feels a little odd with somewhere as awesome as Terrace Goods to open this post with one of their side dishes, but if you’ve ever eaten tater tots in the USA – or watched them get dished up in a film and thought “wtf?” – then this is big news. The ones at Terrace Goods are brilliant. Fluffy little pillows of mash with a perfectly crispy and golden outside. Just delightful. Run, don’t walk.

This new restaurant comes to us from the team behind Lucky Fox (so you know it’s gonna be good) and is based in the much-overlooked Orchard Square. Well, I’ve always overlooked it anyways and seen it as “that bit between TK Maxx and Fargate”. Let it be known that Orchard Square has become a destination in its own right and Terrace Goods arriving cements that!

As well as the tots (with their ridiculously tasty comeback sauce dip), I enjoyed a slice of their Fools Gold chicken & chorizo pizza and a portion of Crack Chick Nashville fried chicken tenders. I went for medium heat on these, and they were perfectly enough for me. There were some good sounding poutines available too (next time!).

Unsurprisingly, the pizza and chicken were both absolutely banging. The pizza slices are a great size, toppings are plentiful and the sourdough base is so perfect: thin and charred in all the right places. The tenders were phenomenal, so crispy and tasty on the outside, while the buttermilk soak had kept the chicken inside so, well, tender.

My only downside is that the bottle of Diet Coke was too small for me at 200ml, but next time I’d have one of the amazing-looking Aperol Spritz slushies alongside my DC anyways. The downside of coming for lunch on a work day meant no deviating from the softies. But I didn’t come for the DC.

Go for the food and the cocktails, they’ve put a lot of love and passion into those and man, has it paid off. See you again soon, Terrace Goods!

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